We are not alone,
we live in God's world.

Nous ne sommes pas seuls,
nous vivons dans le monde que Dieu a créé.



Steps we can take …
At home

1. Turn off computer overnight. It saves power and reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

2.  Reduce Reuse and Recycle. Less energy is used to produce materials from recycled products than from new products.

3.  Have a professional energy audit done. It will save you money down the road, there is a credit applied in some cases, you will save power and money and reduce the C02 emissions.

4.  Consider low flow toilets when installing new fixtures.

5.  Use green cleaning products.

6.  Teach your family to turn off the lights!

7. Convert to CFL light bulbs, ( the curly ones)  Huge difference in energy consumption and you save money!!

8.  Plan your “around town car trips”. Make one trip do for most or all your errands for the day.

9.  Avoid idling the car in drive through lines.

10.  Encourage reducing speed to 90 km from 120 km.

At work

1.  Be the “green” person where you work. Explain why you are involved, urge others to take steps at home and at work.

2.  Start a recycling program, offer to take all the recycles to the recycling center.

3.  Encourage the administration to turn off the computer/copier when no one is at work.

4.  Urge people to turn off their lights when not in office.

5.  Car pool or take the bus.

6.  Urge administration to install programmable thermostat

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Nous ne sommes pas seuls
nous vivons dans le monde que Dieu a créé
       We are not alone, we live in God’s world


At church

1.  Ask to have a professional energy audit done.

2.  Ask to have the computer/s and copiers turned off during the night.

3.  Establish a “Green Team” for your church.

4.  Start a recycling program at church.

5. Purchase the resource “ Greening  the Church”.

6.  Make Environmental awareness and education an integral part of worship and decision making.

7.  Install touchless taps and low flow toilets.

8.  Provide bike racks.

9.   Avoid the use of Styrofoam, and ask the same from your suppliers.

10.  Discourage the use of bottled water.

11.  Encourage teleconferencing and e-mails in lieu of meetings.

12.  Develop a church or community garden instead of lawns. Gas mowers contribute to C02 emissions.

13.  Next time a new stove or fridge is required examine the Energy Efficient models.

14.  Improve weather stripping and insulation in the sanctuary, hall and manse.

15.  Send meeting minutes via email rather than paper copy.
16.  Put annual report on website - print fewer copies.
17.  Use glass communion cups versus plastic disposable.
18For a period of one month have a 'green moment in worship when people shared what they had done that week to be 'green'.

19.  Produce and circulate to the congregation, a 1-month calendar with daily 'green' ideas.

20.  Have a “hot air” preacher, sure to heat up the place.


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