Presbytery Nominations 2017/2018


Chair: Bette Ashley              

Rev. John Roy: Co-chair for the work concerning Scott Hillier

Chair Elect: TBA

Past Chair: Scott Hillier

Secretary: Sharon Russell

Treasurer: Marjorie LeDrew



Vince Galbraith          (1st year of second 3 year term)

Krista Tabor                   (1st year of second 3 year term)


Christian Life and Growth

Alicia Walls                   (3rd year of second 3 year term)

Erica Lane                        (member at large)

Lisa Folkins                   (member at large)


Clothing Depot

Chair - Anne Carvell                                (1st year of first 3 year term)

Bette Ashley                                    (? year of second 3 year term)


Church in Action

Chair - Mary Wanamaker  (3rd year of second 3 year term)

Gerry Hudson                                 (3rd year of second 3 year term)

Bart Claus (web Master)    (3rd year of second 3 year term)

Judith Cook                    (2nd year of first 3 year term)

Nelson Ball                     (2nd year of first 3 year term)

Valerie Grant                                   (2nd year of first 3 year term)

Bob Crowley                                   1st year of first 3 year term)


Education and Students

Chair - Susan Gamblin

Eugene Fisher

Sean Handcock

John Fraser




Chair - Audrey Lounder

Marjorie LeDrew

Greg Holder

Bruce Campbell (Home Mission Council)



Mission Support and Pensions

Mission Support – Elizabeth Stevenson

Pensions - Pam Reidpath



Nominations             will be past chair if there is one

John Roy



Pastoral Relations and Pastoral Oversight

Co – Chair - Kelly Hudson-Lewis

Co – Chair – John Roy

Karen Buchanan

Tom Robinson

Layton Peck

Gillian Barfoot

Robin Campbell

Sally Budge

Nancy Hamilton

Kathy Turner

Steve Longmoore



Chair - Jim McKenzie

Linda Watson

John Maguire

Robert Budge




Chair - Steve Longmoore

Elizabeth Stevenson


Home Mission Council

Andrew Donald                           Joanne McLaughlin

Apohaqui-Norton-Kings Kirk       Linda Watson

Hampton                                              James McKenzie

Quispamsis                                        Brian Crossman

Saint David's                                                     Gerald Higgins

Silver Falls                                        Corrine Carpenter

St. Andrew & St. David's                   Bruce Campbell

St. Mark's                                           Bill Keams

Portland                                                Terry Robart

Two Rivers                                        Richard Fullerton

Carleton-Kirk                                 Ian Wilson


Members at Large:                    Irvine Robertson



Trustee Board Francis Cassidy Memorial Church

Bart Claus

Jim McKenzie

Douglas Cosman




Abby St. AndrewŐs St. DavidŐs

Layton Peck



General Council Commissioners

Krista Tabor

Alicia Walls

Rev. Sean Handcock (appointed to GC exec by Maritime Conference)


Members at Large

James MacKenzie

Rev. Judson Corey

Marjorie LeDrew

Marilyn Parrish

Margaret Atkinson

Leslie Anthony

Miranda Chin (maternity)